6 Must Have Accessories For Nintendo Switch 2020

The Best Nintendo Switch Accessories for 2020

BigBlue 10000mAh Battery Case Compatible with Nintendo Switch, with a Pair of Joy-Con Grip

Of course with the switch being one of my favourite systems ever want to talk about five must have accessories for the switch. Now first one being this attachable portable charger for the switch by BigBlue. Now this is absolutely awesome because I don’t know about you guys but I travel with my switch everywhere. So it is nice to be able to be on a plane and have some extra juice, without having a cable dangling to an external portable charger. I just attached this guy right to the switch and it’s actually really easy to attach it, and all you do is you take a switch, you lock it in and it’s attached. So if you’re playing games that are like really intensive. This thing will more than double your switches battery life. It has 10000 milliamp hours of battery Nintendo Switch has like 4300. So you got a lot more juice here, and it’s nice because you also have little latches on sides. So you can change the position of how you have this when it’s on something like a table, you can always move it the way you want. And it’s really cool because let’s say you’re tired of playing with the extra weight you don’t want to hold it like this anymore. You can always throw this down to touch enjoy cons, and then you’re playing like this. So for me, this thing is an absolute must. Especially if you have a lot of long commutes. This really isn’t that expensive I believe is around 32 bucks. Actually, none of the accessories that we’re talking about are expensive so you don’t have to worry about your wallet getting killed, do some pretty awesome things that you can get for a nice price but there’s some other cool stuff.

Satisfye – New SwitchGrip Slim Bundle, Accessories Compatible with Nintendo Switch

We’ve got a case from satisfey this is like their Deluxe case with a bunch of accessories, but the highlight here is this grip. So this is the satisfied pro gaming grip. You can actually throw this right onto the switch and it changes the ergonomics of the entire device. So satisfey says we don’t have the optimal risk angle, when playing on the switch, it’s not the most ergonomic. So they’ve added on this extra piece over here, so that we can play with hours have 35 degrees, they see that we’re over extending our thumbs when we’re reaching for these buttons over here. No, I’ve never really had much of a complaint in terms of the button layouts on these. But with this, I will say having these extra grips, really does add a bit of comfort to the switch that I never experienced before. And also think it’s kind of cool how this thing just stands on its own. With these little feet over here. So you can just always stand it maybe if you’re playing with a pro controller you want to put this down for a second. I don’t know but it is kind of cool that it stands maybe if you’re watching something. There’s like YouTube on this right. There you go!!.

Now you can buy the group separately. But if you go for the deluxe case you get this big travel pouch which is a hardshell case. And inside of it you get some really cool things that I think are a must have. So first off being these extra thumb grips. I absolutely have to have them grips on my switch it honestly changes the way I enjoy the system. I don’t like the way that it has a dome shape to it. That’s not super cool to me. I like the whole concave feeling of these thumb grips to that more than anything, if you’ve never played with these kind of thumb grips. I highly, highly recommend it. You also get slots to hold all of your switch games, and even comes with a few cables, which are actually pretty high quality but this is a nice package. I definitely think you get your money’s worth and being able to players was comfortably, even though it is a bit on the different side alike.

HomeSpot Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Transmitter Adapter with USB C Connector Built-in Digital Mic for in-Game Voice Chat

Now Let me blow your minds a little bit right position is cool and all, but this is something that the switch should have had from the beginning. Here is this little adapter from home spot.

HomeSpot Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Transmitter Adapter

That gives you access to Bluetooth guys. So this little adapter, you can just plug right into it. With this little add on, you get the ability to use Bluetooth headphones with your switch. So with this on. You can throw on some bluetooth headphones like these. Use them. Finally, listen to music on your switch without needing to use a cable. That’s one of the things I hate him the most especially when taking planes. I hated the fact that I needed to have a cable dangling and plugged into this guy because I’d have to use a different pair of headphones that aren’t my bluetooth headphones or remember the came from my bluetooth headphones, just so that I can listen to them and not bother the people sitting next to me. This is dope because you can use headphones you want even air pods. For all you folks out there using air pods. For those of you who have air pods, you can use them here. This is just it’s just nice guys, it’s nice to be able to use Bluetooth headphones for this, and you might notice that there are two buttons here, one for player one, obviously, and you can even add a second player, so that you both can share the audio from the switch, with two different bluetooth headphones. So I think that’s really cool if you’re maybe on the plane, like I said, you’re sharing your switch one person has one joy con you’ve got the other, and you’re able to both hear what’s going on in the game.

Mthinkor Gulikit Route+ Bluetooth Audio Transmitter Adapter Compatible with Nintendo Switch

Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

Now I have another version of these Bluetooth adapter. This one is from cool kit or Glee kit. This is from home spot, I like this one a lot because it’s so slowest within the system. It doesn’t take up a lot of space but this one is cool because it does something that this one doesn’t. This guy also has a USBC or at the bottom. So when you’re playing with your switch using it to listen to music or whatever. You can also it’s harder at the same time. This one essentially blocks recharging for this one we saw that it’s still there, and this thing also comes with a few other accessories. If you don’t like it dangling from the bottom here, you can just pop this off. Throw this little attachment on phone drop it, and then you can throw this thing on into the back. So you still have access to that Bluetooth, but now it’s hidden a lot better, but once you give up with this guy is the fact that you can’t use it with a second player but the choice is yours guys, but I think both of these options are really solid.

Zadii Hard Travel Case Compatible with Nintendo Switch

This case from Zadii but this protective case that I use for my switch personally, all the time, but this is pretty much what you’d expect. It’s a hardshell case, but it does have a special feature, you guys can see down here. This has an LED indicator for the portable charger that’s built right into it. So whenever I’m using my switch or whenever I’m done using my switch. I’ll put it in this guy strap it up, make sure it doesn’t go anywhere. And then I’ll pull out this little USB cable. And then with this, I can charge my device pretty seamlessly. Once I plug it in. Now, this is the first case that I got. And this one also has an interesting feature in that it allows you to prop up your switch

Zadii Case

So let me show you guys what that looks like. Now this is not a feature that I honestly would use that much but it’s there if you want, and then you can turn on the switch and kind of just play with your joy cons. I mean, it’s cool unnecessary really but you can’t be mad extra features right well yeah this course is yours. If you want to go into a bigger battery, this new one is pretty cool with 10,000 milliamp hours, but I personally liked the older one a bit because it’s smaller doesn’t take up as much space in my gadget backpack, which I appreciate since I gotta put a bunch of other stuff in there.

GameCube Controller Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition

GameCube Controller

Now the last thing I will say guys that you got to have. If you’re one of the folks who plays. Super Smash Brothers, you gotta have one of these guys. These Nintendo game two controllers right here, this will change your life. I think that this can get its own separate section in this video because there are so many Smash Bros players. It is absolutely worth if I want to give your friend/opponent some smoke and kick in the butt.

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