64GB Memory Chip for Nintendo Switch In 2020

he financial newspaper Taipei Times has revealed that Macronix, the company that creates the memory chips used in the memory cards of Nintendo Switch games, has announced that it will launch its 64GB capacity units in 2020 and indicates that will be supplied to Nintendo . Therefore, from next year it will be possible to make games in physical format for the Nintendo console that reach that size.

The Taiwanese manufacturer produces memories for different companies and has confirmed to investors that the mass production of 64GB NAND 3D chips is going to take place in the second half of 2020, so it will become the first Taiwanese company to manufacture by itself this technology.

They will start with 48-layer 3D NAND memory, but will reach 192 in 2022

For this product they will use a 48-layer 3D NAND design Macronix’s goal is to reach 96 layers in 2021 and 192 layers in 2022. They are now using 19 nanometer flat technology, introduced in February 2019.

Macronix feeds with memories to manufacturers of specialized devices, such as drones, defibrillators, watches and, also, the Nintendo Switch game cartridges.

Nintendo will be the first company to receive these memories

It has been confirmed that Nintendo will be the first company to receive the product , so the company’s goal of offering 64GB game cards will finally come true next year, after multiple delays due to technological limitations. So far, only memories of up to 32GB have been used, as in the case of The Witcher 3 .

By the type of memory, we can rule out that it will be used to replace the internal memory of Switch (only 32GB), it is the type of memory that the company has used in the game cards . With this new availability the technical possibilities are increased, although it may be equally important for companies to achieve that with this movement the production cost of 32GB memories for game cards is lowered and thus reduce the number of titles for the console that they require additional downloads despite their purchase in physical format so as not to bear the costs of that memory size.

In the same way, that Nintendo has been guaranteed to be the first company to receive these memories can respond either to the general desire to reserve this storage for the future or by specific plans and, therefore, to have among its plans some game for the second half of the year that will require that volume of memory.

Macronix expects an improvement in its financial results

With these new products, Macronix expects to boost its revenues by manufacturers of medical devices , industrial and vehicles to reach 50% of the total long-term revenue for the manufacturer.

For this, they are investing 15% of their annual income in R&D , which has allowed them to register almost 8000 patents. 20% of its workforce is, in fact, focused on research and development.

The company will celebrate its 30th anniversary next year and they will give a bonus of 10,000 new Taiwanese dollars (about 300 euros) to each employee to commemorate the milestone.

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