Best Nintendo Switch Accessories Under $10 in 2020 (US Dollars)

There are a lot of great accessories for the Nintendo Switch but unfortunately they’re not cheap I mean just getting a brand new controller is 50 bucks so if you’re a new switch owner and haven’t for a while you’re looking to get some new accessories for it, let’s talk about some of the ones that are going to be really cheap, I’m talking under 10 bucks.

First we’re gonna start with something really tiny. And that’s a micro SD card for your switch now yeah if you’re looking to spend under 10 bucks there aren’t a lot of options out there and the largest you’re going to get is a 16 gigabyte now if you are dedicated to just getting all your games digitally. This is going to cut it but if you’re like me and you buy all your games physically This is really all you’re gonna need to expand just a little more storage into the switches, it’s almost double as much and it’s gonna help you with all the DLC, and stuff patches and the occasional smaller little game that you want to grab. 

SD Card – $4.50

Next, let’s talk about a bunch of different ways you can improve your controller experience with a switch really cheaply starting with these young guards for the joy cons now this makes the experience of just using the joy cons as a pair a lot more comfortable and add this gel texture which may gives it a little more grip, one of the bigger things though it actually adds up some extra little plus right here on the back so it gives a proper grip format, rather than the flat back the joy cons have making it much more comfortable for extended gameplay. It also adds these little gel tops to the control sticks, which adds a little more height and makes them more grippy, so that’s great if you want to use your joycon separately.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Grip Gel Guards – $8.99

If you are in more traditional controller setup Well, I really recommend cheap grip you can grab from power A. At first glance this looks a lot like the comfort grip that you get with the switch when you first buy it and honestly, I hate that it’s just not comfortable doing it all. And so while this grip does look similar, it’s actually a big improvement because the design First off, instead of just being a flat grip which doesn’t really control your hands at all. This accessory actually curves in a little bit so it’s a lot more comfy and it’s not a hard plastic it’s actually kind of a softer still hard but a rubber design that just feels more comfortable for long term play. So, if you like the idea of using the comfort grip trust me, this accessory is an awesome cheap upgrade. 

PowerA Joy Con Comfort Grips $9.99

As for using your joycon separately where you just have one at a time using those things sideways does not feel comfortable in the slightest so I really recommend picking up these guys and these all come in pairs of  you always get them they come in different colors you can also get them straight black and all it really does is give you a place to slot your joy con, so it has a much more traditional controller grip style so the grips on these while still hard plastic is a lot better than using this little guy sideways, and even gives you improve the bumpers for using the shoulder buttons. So, honestly, huge upgrade especially joining kind of multiplayer games are sharing joy cons everywhere be doing some like Mario Kart, much better experience. 

Nintendo Switch Comfort Grip Joy Con – $7.99

I’ve mentioned in my articles many times before that for me the switch is primarily a portable system and there’s a whole lot of accessories you can grab to improve your experience using affordably Now first off, one of the most kind of required things to get a grab is a case now there are a lot of fancy design ones out there that you can spend a lot more money on but if you just want something to get the functional jobs done, you can grab this basic little guy right here for under 10 bucks and it has everything you need really made me not have like a Mario or Zelda thing going on but it carries all of your game cards you have a place to store cables as well as additional joy cons. And what I really like about it too is that it securely keeps the switch in place, and even has a little indents to make sure it’s shoulders and everything, have a nice little place to rest and isn’t pressing the buttons down. 

UGREEN Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch – $10.99

The standard joy cons, but with the newest D brand skins put on them they got a whole bunch of different options. The only go for under five bucks for a single joy cons, you can get a set for under 10 bucks you all kinds of choices like different glossy colors pink, red, blue, green, etc. as well as some other different designs like matte white a carbon fiber, or even camouflage. It’s a really easy way to customize your cons for super cheap, especially going to spend a whole bunch of money on brand new colorful joy cons. 

D- Brand Skins – $3.96 -$7.96

Another thing that’s important when you’re playing stuff portably is of course being able to hear the game clearly especially in a noisy day so picking up a set of headphones is a really good idea now there’s some stuff you can grab this branded for switch but that really doesn’t matter if you just want audio so we’re able to find this really nice cheap set of headphones that are just under 10 bucks from Panasonic and great sound quality for their price ranges got adjustable ears hips and everything, and they come in a large variety of colors, along with playing at home on a TV setup, or outside portably.

Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbud Headphones – $8.99

The next option is to use your switch in tabletop mode and the main way you’re supposed to do that normally is to make use of the kickstand which I’ve said many times before I’m not really a fan of it makes the switch constantly fall down and breaks off, it’s annoying. So there’s a couple accessories you can grab to make this situation better like this little portable kickstand. This is a little portable setup that folds up really easy to put into a bag, and it just gives you a nice little way to set up your switch for tabletop mode that’s not going to be falling over constantly, the other upside is that since it lifts the switch up a little bit, you actually have a space to plug in a power of that purse you can charge at the same time which is another annoying aspect of playing and tabletop mode. 

Nintendo Switch Stand – Younik – $9.99

Now if you want your Nintendo Switch carrying casual and tension free and going to walk more of a line between tabletop or portable, you can grab a hybrid cover like these guys right here there’s a whole lot of these on the market, but there are now some cheaper ones showing up for under 10 bucks you can grab. It’s basically acts as a protective case your switch opens up real quick. And just gives you a way to set it up that’s going to give it not only a little protection, but away, that it has a built in improved kickstand setup as well. 

MoKo Case for Nintendo Switch – $11.99 (This Item Raise Price Recently) 

Something else that’s really important to keep in mind is that if you’re getting users, which a lot in tabletop mode or portably, you’re gonna need a way to carry out all your games, especially if you buy them all physically, in which case you want to grab one of this Game Case Carrying right here these are from power they make a couple different designs and all it is, is a little portable case that can hold up to 6 cartridges & 4 MicroSD for your switch so definitely cuts down instead of having to carry a bunch of cases, or having all little cartridges for loosely which you don’t want to have happen so definitely a good pickup.

OLCLSS Game Cards Case for Nintendo Switch – $9.99

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