Best Nintendo Switch & Nintendo Switch Lite Accessories

The flexibility of the Nintendo Switch is a big part of what makes it great. It is a handheld console. It is a living room console! It has a stand! But it doesn’t come with everything you need, and many of the switch accessories you can buy are junk. We’ve researched and tested dozens of Switch and Switch Lite accessories across all types of categories – cases, controllers, microSD cards, stands and more – to find the things that are worth spending your money on.


  • Screensavers
  • Micro SD card
  • Controller and Joy-Con handles
  • A charger for your Joy-Cons
  • Stands
  • Cases in all sizes

Screen Protector

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Glass protection for the screen of your switch

This is crystal clear, bubble free and scratch resistant, and you get two protectors in the box in case you mix up the installation.

The same protection for your Switch Lite

Except for the size, this three-pack of protectors is identical to that for the larger switch.

The switch’s display looks like glass, but is made of plastic and is surprisingly easy to scratch. A screen protector is therefore a clever investment. The particularly inexpensive amFilm tempered glass screen protector for Nintendo Switch and the smaller version for Switch Lite are the switch versions of our choice for the best iPhone 8/7/6 screen protector and our runner-up for the best iPhone X / XS /. XR screen protector. It covers the entire switch screen and is just as scratch-resistant as all other screen protectors we tested. The glass is crystal clear and bubble-free and fingerprints wipe off immediately. Installation on the switch is easy and amFilm contains all the cleaning tools required to prepare your screen. It is best if you have two protectors in the box (or three in the Switch Lite version). Even if you have a dust spot under the glass the first time you try to install, you’ll get another shot.

Micro SD card

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SanDisk MicroSDXC card for Nintendo Switch (128 GB)

The best microSD card

This microSD card is fast, consistent and inexpensive. It’s good for phones, tablets, game consoles, and more.

If you want to download most of your switch games, the 32 GB of space in the console will quickly become scarce. The legend of Zelda: the breath of the wild devours 13.4 GB. We recommend purchasing a 128 GB SanDisk MicroSDXC card for Nintendo Switch so that you have more space. The microSD card is fast and at a typical price of EUR 28 or less than 20 TM per gigabyte, the SanDisk is one of the cheapest cards you can buy.

However, every well-known microSD card with a speed class of at least U1 is fast enough for the switch – Samsung’s Evo Select cards are slightly cheaper than the SanDisk and not much slower. Since you don’t write much on the card when you actually play a game, you won’t notice the difference as much as you would on a smartphone or camera. If you see a 128 GB card for less than EUR 28 (or a 256 GB card for less than EUR 68), buy it instead.

Controller and Joy-Con handles

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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

A great controller for long sessions

The Switch Pro Controller is more convenient to hold for long gaming sessions than the Joy-Cons. It is very similar in shape to the Xbox One controller and supports motion control and amiibo scanning.

The Joy-Con handle that comes with the switch makes the two Joy-Cons a decent controller. However, if you want to  play a  lot of  Mario  or  Zelda , you have to get the Switch Pro Controller from Nintendo. It is a wireless controller that is similar to Microsoft’s Xbox One controller, and whose joysticks, face buttons, shoulder buttons and triggers are more comfortable and satisfactory than those of the Joy-Cons, especially for long seasons. It also supports the same motion controls and amiibo scanning functions as the Joy-Cons for the games that need it. It costs between $ 60 and $ 70, which is a little expensive, but if you play a lot of single-player games with the switch in the dock, it’s definitely worth it.

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PowerA GameCube Style Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch

An option in retro style

This wireless controller is great for Smash Bros. and unlike the original GameCube controller, it has all the buttons and triggers you need to play other switch games like 2001.

Nintendo’s GameCube controller, originally released in 2001, is  still very popular with fans of the  Super Smash Bros. series, so Nintendo is  selling a USB to GameCube adapter and new GameCube controllers with the  Smash brand , But if you don’t want to cope with all of these cables – or if you need a GameCube-like controller with all the extra buttons to play other switch games – we like the GameCube-like wireless controller from PowerA.

Compared to the Pro Controller, a few things are still missing, including an internal battery (it uses AA batteries), vibration support and an NFC scanner for Amiibo. But it looks and feels almost identical to a regular GameCube controller, so my friends who play  Smash  with a GameCube controller don’t notice a difference. You can navigate through the Switch’s menus and take screenshots just as easily as with the Pro Controller or Joy-Cons.

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PowerA Joy-Con comfort grip

A comfort grip upgrade

The PowerA Comfort Grip feels better and is easier to hold than the handle supplied with the switch.

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The officially licensed Comfort Grip from PowerA is a fantastic addition to the Joy-Con handle that comes with the switch. The PowerA version has rubberized handles, and the handle is slightly wider, which makes holding the controller more comfortable. There were some complaints that the Joy-Cons did not fit properly and could be worn when inserted into the Comfort Grip, but we had no problems. On the contrary, our sample seemed to be perfect for the switch controller. In addition to the standard black, there are some options that are marked with games –  Super Mario Odyssey  ,  Breath of the Wild  and  Minecraft  – for a slightly higher price.

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Nintendo Joy-Con Wheel

For driving fun

If you prefer tilt control in racing games, the official Nintendo Joy-Con Wheel makes it easier to hold the controller.

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The Nintendo Joy-Con Wheel is a good choice if you  prefer to tilt the controller to control in games like  Mario Kart and if you want something that is easier to hold than the Joy-Con. The set contains two plastic wheels, each suitable for the right or left Joy-Con. There are large buttons on the back of the steering wheel that can be used to press the SL and SR buttons on the controller. The wheels are a bit small. So if you have bigger hands, they may feel tight (but not nearly as tight as if you only used Joy-Cons alone).

Play stand

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TomToc Playstand for Nintendo Switch

Our portable base stand

Hori offers a simple and user-friendly stand that holds the switch securely and gives your bag hardly any weight

If you want to use your switch on a table or other hard surface, but need more stability than the built-in stand, or if you want to charge it at the same time, you need a stand. After testing four stands, we think the TomToc Playstand for Nintendo Switch is the best choice for most people. It’s cheap, light, and easy to set up and use.

Despite being made of plastic, it feels sturdy and is surprisingly strong compared to the other stands we tested. It holds the screen securely on the fold-out shelf with two small pins that fit into the underside of the switch and a row of rubberized handles to prevent slipping. The shelf has a recess so that you can charge the switch even during operation. There is a hole in the bottom of the stand through which you can route the charging cable through the back.

We tested some metal stands for the switch, but most of the metal stands that we saw advertised as “switch stands” are just phone or tablet stands that use a foldable double hinge to hold the device. Because these stands are not made specifically for the switch, they can partially block the rear exhaust ports, making the switch run a little hotter than usual. I also felt uncomfortable keeping them together in a bag or the same case because the metal edges of the stand were sharp enough to scratch the switch.

Cases in all sizes

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A05 5 Nintendo Switch Case

The best bag for your switch console

The A05 5 Nintendo Switch Case has a flawless construction and good protection for your console and does not take up much space in your pocket.

The A05 5 Nintendo Switch Case is the best way to get your switch console on the go. This bag is the most robust of all bags we have tested. It has durable and user-friendly zippers and fits the switch like a glove. The game flap holds up to eight cartridges and places them on the screen to protect them during transport. The unique shaped shape also ensures that when you open it you always know which side of the case is facing up. However, there is no space for the charger or other accessories.

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Smatree hard carrying case

A larger case with space for the dock and more accessories

This relatively small case has secure grooves for each component of the switch system as well as a clever solution for carrying 28 playing cards at the same time.

The Smatree Hard Carrying Bag can be the Nintendo Switch Dock, the console (without Joy-Cons), the handle with two Joy-Cons, a Switch Pro controller, the power supply, several Joy-Con straps, the HDMI cable and 28 Cartridges in the nifty hold section dividers. This is achieved in a package that is only 30 x 30 x 30 cm in size and has narrow cavities for all larger components. This way, every part remains safe even when the housing is shaken or turned upside down. Smaller components can be stored in mesh pockets or in the mini case supplied (for the power adapter and Joy-Con straps). Thanks to the combination of a hard outer shell and a removable strap, the case can be safely packed for daily transport over the shoulder or for longer trips. Plus, The Rlsoco case has no visible Nintendo Switch branding that could make the owner the target. Of the 14 large switch cases we found and tested four, it’s the best for most people.

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