Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Review (switch)

It has been almost 20 years since Super Smash Bros. broke into our lives with its original delivery for Nintendo 64. A hilarious fighting game very different and original that made us enjoy whole evenings fighting with our friends while we embodied twelve of the characters Nintendo’s most iconic in frenetic and crazy duels for up to four players. […]

6 Must Have Accessories For Nintendo Switch 2020

The Best Nintendo Switch Accessories for 2020 BigBlue 10000mAh Battery Case Compatible with Nintendo Switch, with a Pair of Joy-Con Grip Of course with the switch being one of my favourite systems ever want to talk about five must have accessories for the switch. Now first one being this attachable portable charger for the switch […]

Detailed Technical Specifications of Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has made public the technical specifications of Switch , with information regarding its exact size, battery, sound and other details. However, although it is indicated – as we knew – that the GPU is a Tegra processor (SoC, System-on-Chip, and therefore unifies GPU and CPU) customized by Nvidia for Nintendo , no details are given on its speed, capacity of Processing […]

Mario & Sonic Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Review (switch)

As we are reaching the end of this season, we can take stock of what each of the platforms have left us. In the case of the Nintendo hybrid console, the truth is that thanks to the formidable final straight of the year in which such outstanding titles have appeared as Luigi’s Mansion 3 , The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete […]

Splatoon 2 Review (switch)

Practically something unprecedented for the company. Since the type of game (one shooter cooperative third – person multiplayer online) to update the model (free for one year), it was a breath of fresh air for the catalog of Wii U sadly dying . Luckily, Splatoon’s reception was great, and he encouraged Nintendo to explore other genres in a similar way, such as the 3D fight with AMRS . Now […]

64GB Memory Chip for Nintendo Switch In 2020

he financial newspaper Taipei Times has revealed that Macronix, the company that creates the memory chips used in the memory cards of Nintendo Switch games, has announced that it will launch its 64GB capacity units in 2020 and indicates that will be supplied to Nintendo . Therefore, from next year it will be possible to make games in physical format for the Nintendo console […]

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