Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Review (switch)

It has been almost 20 years since Super Smash Bros. broke into our lives with its original delivery for Nintendo 64. A hilarious fighting game very different and original that made us enjoy whole evenings fighting with our friends while we embodied twelve of the characters Nintendo’s most iconic in frenetic and crazy duels for up to four players. […]

Mario & Sonic Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Review (switch)

As we are reaching the end of this season, we can take stock of what each of the platforms have left us. In the case of the Nintendo hybrid console, the truth is that thanks to the formidable final straight of the year in which such outstanding titles have appeared as Luigi’s Mansion 3 , The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete […]

Splatoon 2 Review (switch)

Practically something unprecedented for the company. Since the type of game (one shooter cooperative third – person multiplayer online) to update the model (free for one year), it was a breath of fresh air for the catalog of Wii U sadly dying . Luckily, Splatoon’s reception was great, and he encouraged Nintendo to explore other genres in a similar way, such as the 3D fight with AMRS . Now […]

Ring Fit Adventure Review (switch)

The return of Nintendo to the exergaming we liked the first time I tried, a little over a month, and since then has been surprising and convincing us more every day. With that first contact with the title it was clear that we were facing something different: Ring Fit Adventure has the peculiarity that it moves the player’s movements with complete fidelity to […]

Overcooked 2 Review (switch)

Cooking games are a practically unexplored market . Surely many of you will remember saga as Diner Dash or Cooking Mama , but apart from some exceptions, the genre has always remained in a corner of the industry. A couple of years ago, thanks to Overcooked , virtual chefs made headlines again; and it seems that they did well, since today we deal with their […]

Overwatch Review (switch)

Overwatch is licensed newest and youngest of Blizzard , but that has not prevented it has come to become one of the most important and successful company names. And it is not for less, because few competitive multiplayer action games in the first person you will find in the market that offer you more fun than this work of the […]

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review (switch)

One of the most impressive announcements that this year’s edition of E3 left us was the confirmation that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt , one of the biggest and most ambitious games of the generation , would arrive on Switch. The existence of this conversion had been previously filtered, but very few believed that something like this was possible, so […]

Star Ocean Analysis : First Departure R Review (switch)

Star Ocean was one of the last games to see the light in Super Famicom, a very special JRPG released in 1996 that became the starting point of a saga that already has five numbered deliveries under its belt, some spin-offs and several remakes . However, tri-Ace’s debut did not leave Japan until 2007 thanks to Star Ocean: First Departure , a remake for PSP that […]

Legend Of Zelda Review (Switch)

1990. After insisting and Achieving (by the hairs) approve everything, you manage to convince your parents to buy you a Nintendo. Everyone talks about Mario and Tetris, a few say the orange robot game is the best. But something else has caught your attention. It may be the golden glow of the box, or the […]

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Review (Switch)

WHAT DO YOU MEME? Over-Rated Adult Party Game Now retrieving the rating. $19.99 ADULTS ONLY: This game contains mature content and is designed for ages 17+. NOT intended for children. Trust us. GET RIDICULOUS: Over-Rated is the game of ridiculous reviews where players compete to match the funniest “Review” card with the “Locatio… read more […]

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