Must Have 58 Accessories For Your new Nintendo Switch For 2020

Complete Essential Nintendo Switch Accessories guide you will find a lot of accessories to enjoy and protect your new console in 2020 .

Bags, housings and carrying bags

The Nintendo Switch is a compact and versatile console that we can use both in the living room and in the mobile, for example traveling or on the street. Despite being an attractive and pleasant to the touch console, to avoid discomfort it is highly recommended to protect it from scratches, fingerprints and potential falls and bumps .

In this section you will find covers, covers and bags to use and transport your Nintendo Switch . Some models are simple and provide basic protection while others are made to store everything and move it safely.

Findway Switch transparent Case


A simple and discreet solution to protect the Switch is this transparent TPU case integrated by three parts, so that the console is protected when it has the two Joy-Cons integrated or when you separate them. For $12.99.



This Orzly ( 11.49$ ) fundamentally protects the screen and consists of magnetic closures. Available in three colors.



The JETech ($14.99) is a case that stands out for the level of protection provided thanks to the thickness and use of TPU. In addition its peculiar ergonomic design that emulates a command. Of course, it is somewhat voluminous.



BigBen ( $17.99 ) is a compact, rigid and simple case made of EVA that allows you to store the console, the Joy-Con, cards and cables, sorted thanks to elastic bands.



This Stealth is also manufactured in EVA as the previous one, although it is somewhat smaller and with a more striking design. It fits the complete console with some cards. For $14.99.



Extremely thin, rigid and with a cord to carry it comfortably, this is the Innoaura case (12.99$)



Amazon has in its basics line an EVA cover in black and red colors where you can store console, wiring, cards and 2 additional joy-con. For 14.18$


Hori Rigida

Another compact, thin case with the original Nintendo license is that of Hori, available in several designs. It has space for the Switch, 5 game cartridges and charging cable. From $16.22 , one of the best in relation to design, quality and price in its category.



For those fans of the Zelda series we find this compact and rigid official case with handle where the Switch fits and 10 cards. For $14.99.

AmazonBasics rigid

Basics Rigida

It is not the most attractive case in the world, but given how hard it is, the Switch is very protected inside this hard version of Amazon. It fits the Switch with Joy-con controls and 8 game cartridges. For $14.99.


Orzly Dura

ORZLY travel case with handle and enough space to store the Nintendo Switch, 2 Joy-Con controllers, cables, games and other small accessories. From $38.99 .

Hori travel bag

Hori Super Mario

This Super Mario travel bag is very attractive and spacious. Although it is soft on the outside, inside it has protections to safely store the console and a large number of accessories. For $26.99.



Another spacious solution to store your Switch and all your accessories and transfer them with guarantees is this discreet MoKo travel bag, for $27.95. With sealed zippers and reinforcements.



If you have a large number of accessories, this iVoler fits up to the original support, as well as additional controls, chargers, games, power adapter … it has a carrying handle, reinforcements, it is waterproof and has sealed zippers. For $35.99

Screen protectors

The Nintendo Switch has been designed to be enjoyed on the street and at home, however we want it to last as long as possible on the first day. One of the components with more ballots to break in the event of a fall is the screen .

In the market we find gel, resin, plastic or tempered glass protectors, the last two being the ones that offer more options to choose from. Plastic is the simplest and most affordable resource to protect the screen against fingerprints, scratches, dust or friction. But if we look for a plus of protection against blows, better opt for tempered glass, with greater durability and resistance.



If you are looking for something simple to avoid fingerprints, dust and any line of use, this pack of plastic amphi screen covers is an interesting and affordable alternative. For $10.49 .



With this pack of 2 amFilm tempered glass screen protectors (8.99$) you will protect your screen more from bumps and possible falls. 9H hardness, 0.33 mm thick and 99.9% transparency. The package includes protectors, cleaning wipes, anti-bubble card and installation aids.



The Hori is the plastic screen protector officially licensed by Nintendo, so it fits perfectly. It is anti-scratch, anti-bubble and anti-dirt. It comes with installation kit and costs $7.80 .

Protection and storage kits

Although you can buy them separately, if your intention is to get several protections, a good idea is to purchase accessory kits aimed at protecting the Nintendo Switch composed of protection elements (screen, Joy-Con, the console itself, travel bag) varied to Save both the Switch and some of its add-ons and transport them safely.



If you simply want to protect the Switch from fingerprints and slight shocks, this FineGood kit consists of a simple silicone case and 3 plastic screen protectors with wipes to clean the screen before adhering them. For $8.99



Composed of a rigid EVA case to store the Nintendo Switch with 8 pockets, 3 Ultra Clear HD screen protectors of 4H hardness with its respective cleaning wipe, a card case and silicone cases for the joy-con. For $30.99



A kit very similar to the previous one formed by a hard EVA case with zipper and velcro closure and multiple pockets, a card holder with capacity for 20 units, 2 tempered glass screen protectors and a support to leave the console tilted. For $14.99 .

iAmer 11 in 1


This kit is very complete and consists of 11 elements: rigid case to store everything with 10 pockets, a transparent silicone case, 3 tempered glass screen protectors, two silicone protectors for the Joy-Con, 2 protectors for the joystick , two cases for game cards and 3 cases for game cards of 4 units each. 21.99$.

iAmer 6 in 1

Iamer 6in1

Although it contains fewer elements, this iAmer kit differs fundamentally in that it integrates two grips for the Joy-Con. In addition, the kit also forms a rigid travel case with foam to protect its contents with several pockets and three tempered glass with their respective cleaning wipes. For $21.99



This HEYSTOP kit ( $25.99) is for those who also have the Poke Ball Plus, although there are other options of the same brand. It consists of a rigid travel case to store everything, removable transparent case, TPU case, tempered glass screen protector and thumb grips.

Accessories for controls

The Joy-Con of the Nintendo Switch are small, a key feature for its portability and lightness but in some cases they can become somewhat uncomfortable, especially if you are going to play for hours.

This is the reason why there are accessories in the market such as grips of different shapes, controls, strings and other accessories that facilitate the gaming experience and protect the Joy-Con .



Nintendo games stand out because they encourage multiplayer lounge mode, allowing us to play with family and friends in the purest Wii style. For this reason a good idea is to get some straps for the Joy-Con, to prevent the controls from falling to the ground during the game. Available in yellow, red and blue for $7.99, Joy-Con not included.

Yorha protectors for controls


This simple pack consists of two silicone protectors for the Joy-Con and 8 protectors for the thumb joystick of different sizes. For $7.99

Ardistel grips pack


With this pack of grips for the Joy-Con you can convert the right and left control into two classic ergonomic controls to play with both hands. For $12.99 , Joy-Con not included

MoKo Grips Pack


Like the previous one, it is a pack to improve the ergonomics of the Joy-Con. They are made of resistant ABS and are easy to assemble. Available in both blue and red and black, from $12.99, Joy-Con not included

Beast rackets kit


This kit provides the Joy-Shaped Tennis Rackets, a detail that emulates the tennis experience for titles like Mario Tennis. Available in two colors and suitable for children and adults. For $14.99, Joy-Con not included

Flyer kit


The most useful accessory for games like the Mario Kart 8, two black controls to set the Joy-Con. For $12.99 , Joy-Con not included

Sonic steering wheel kit


Two-wheel pack for the Joy-Con indicated for racing games designed in blue and red and with the Sonic logo. For $11.95, Joy-Con not included.



And if the idea is that several people play, this Orzly kit consists of 4 flyers to embed 4 Joy-Con in each. In red, blue and black (x2). For $12.99 , Joy-Con not included

Comfort grip Power A

Comfort Grip

To play in TV mode by integrating the two Joy-Con in this accessory that emulates a classic remote. For $7.99

Horipad knob


One solution to emulate the traditional gaming experience on consoles and PCs is to get a command like this from the popular firm Hori. It has adjustable sensitivity functions and has an especially large and ergonomic design.

If you find it more comfortable, there is also the option to choose it wireless and connect via Bluetooth, otherwise it has a 3 meter cable.

Be careful because it is available in several original Nintendo colors and designs (it has a Nintendo license) such as Mario, Zelda, Luigi, Peach … from $99.99

Zelda PowerA remote


Traditional style remote with 2.5 meter custom cable with elements of The Legend of Zelda and chrome finish. For $24.99 .


Although you can charge the Nintendo Switch and the Joy-Con at the same time through the integrated USB-C port on the base, there are different charging solutions on the market: car chargers, control stands that allow us to have the controls ready for use or even supports for the console that allow you to play through your screen and at the same time power your battery.

YCCTeam car charger

and c

This car charger includes the cigarette lighter socket with two USB outputs and a 2-meter cable with USB and USB-C ports to charge the console and controls or a tablet or smartphone, being able to charge two devices simultaneously .. It has specifications 5V and 2.4 A electrical outlets. For $16.99

Power A car charger


A simple and compact car charger with cigarette lighter socket on one side and USB-C on the other to charge Nintendo Switch or the Nintendo Switch controller while traveling. With 2 meter cable and moderately fast charging (5V and 3 A). For $22.99.



No. 1 Best Seller only for $16.99
This Joy-Con charging stand is original where they exist: it has the form of a game controller and allows you to use them to play at the same time they are loaded. It also integrates an internal battery of 1,200 mAh in case the battery is low.


X and Z

The YCCSKY charging stand allows you to load up to 4 controls simultaneously once you slide them into the slots. An LED indicator details the level of charge of each Joy-Con, requiring approximately 3 and a half hours to complete it. It is powered through a USB port with 5 V voltage and 1 A current, not included, although it is compatible with original AC adapter. For $13.99.



A charging station very similar to the previous one, allowing up to 4 controls to be loaded individually and simultaneously in about three hours (according to the manufacturer), with a light to inform us when it has been completed. Power adapter not included. For $14.89



Like the two previous models, this charger allows to quickly feed up to 4 controls of the Nintendo Switch. Its design is very compact and easy to use. For $25.98.

Battery + Venom support


This original accessory acts at the same time as a support and as a 10,000 mAh power bank, so that we will increase the autonomy of the battery while we play in its different modes, although having it in our hands is something heavy to play. For $33.10

Joy-Con poulep Controller loader


Hori also has an accessory to load up to 4 controls by sliding and with LED indicators to inform us of the status of the load. Officially licensed by Nintendo. With 60 cm cable but without power adapter. For $54.98

Supports for Nintendo Switch

The Switch is a console that stands out for its mobility, which allows us to play in the living room projecting the content on a TV or projector, or with its own screen. In the latter case, it is appreciated a support to tilt it and have it at eye level at different heights and also to be able to load it at the same time, something that is not possible per se by the location of its loading port.

In this section you will find accessories for both situations, as well as some storage solution to make it visible and organized .

Hori Switch Stand


This simple support of iVoler (12.99$) allows us to load the console while still playing thanks to its design. It is adjustable to four heights and also foldable, to be able to transport it. With non-slip details so that the console is secured and without gaps.

Multi Angle


Very similar to the previous one in terms of design and performance but with details of the game Zelda Breath Of The Wild. It’s from Hori and has the official Nintendo license. For $12.90



If you spend many hours in the car, with this support that is fixed to the head of the seats you will leave the Switch screen in sight so that the players sit in the back. It is made of silicone to protect the console and the fixings are made with velcro. For $15.99 .

Trust GXT 746


Another solution for the car is this support ($8.99) that stands out for how adjustable and robust it is. It has a universal design to fit any car seat head and also for devices from 7 to 11 inches, which opens the door not only to the Switch, but also to tablets.

All in 1 Homebase


This solution stores the console, games and other accessories as controls, allowing to store up to 4 controllers and 10 games. Everything in sight and collected. For $40.99 .

Starplayer charging and support base


This accessory is most useful since it works as the official dock but its design is much more compact and is optimized to maximize ventilation. It has an HDMI jack to connect the console to a TV or projector and USB-C and USB 2.0 ports. For $25.99

Hori PlayStand


This Hori design allows you to connect up to 4 peripherals and the Switch at the same time, so that the console screen is visible. With adjustable and folding inclination. Officially licensed by Nintendo. For $12.99

External batteries

The battery of the Nintendo Switch can last from 3 to 6 hours depending on the game and the configuration, a time that may be insufficient for your expectations. As its battery is not removable, a good idea for more intensive users is to purchase an external battery .

As they detail, in these cases it is worth acquiring a power bank of 20,000 mAh capacity that allows us to reach 10-12 hours of play. It is essential that you have fast charging (at least 5V / 2.1A, that is, 10.5W).

We will also pay attention to the ports that are available, especially the compatibility with USB-PD or USB Power Delivery , a standard that Nintendo uses that allows us to play while the console is charging.



Although it is voluminous, this 20,000 mAh AUKEY power bank allows you to charge devices at 18W and has USB and USB-C ports to charge up to three devices at once. For 33.99$



Something more compact and lightweight is this external Omars battery of 20,000 mAh capacity that also reaches 18W through the USB-C Power Delivery port. It has USB and USB-C to charge two devices. For 15.99$



Another power bank recommended for the Nintendo Switch is this Poweradd ( 43.99 $) of whooping 30000 mAh capacity. It is large and versatile, with two inputs and three outputs, managing to provide up to 45W. For 43.99$

Micro SD cards

Beyond the game cartridges, in the eShop we find very interesting games that we can store on the Switch itself or on micro SD cards, since the Nintendo console is prepared for microSDHC cards of up to 2 TB.

However, as we want it for the Nintendo Switch, in Vidaextra we recommend betting on the Micro SDXC class 10 and at least U1 and I. In terms of capacity, the most indicated is that they are 32 GB or higher.

Toshiba EXCERIA M302 64GB MicroSDXC memory card


A simple and affordable solution if you are going to continue betting primarily on physical games is this Toshiba alternative with a reading speed up to 100 MB / s, Class 1 and UHS 1. For 12.48$ .

SanDisk Ultra Android microSDXC UHS-I 128GB with SD adapter


With this model we can enjoy a large number of titles for Nintendo Switch with a reading speed up to 100 MB / s, Class 10, U1 and A1. For 19.49$

128GB Samsung MicroSDXC EVO


Available in various capacities, this Samsung microSDXC card is Class 10, UHS-I and reaches a transfer rate of up to 100 MB / s. It is also resistant to water (IPX7 certification) and extreme temperatures. For 19.49$


Nintendo Labo Virtual Reality (VR)


If you have a Switch, with the Nintendo Labo kits (from 39.99$ you can build yourself elements to play with stickers, cardboard designs, strings and other details that encourage creativity and a very attractive combination between crafts and video games .

You can Toy-with different ones like remote control cars, fishing rods, houses, motorcycles, pianos, robots … depending on the kit you choose.

Poké Ball Plus


The Poké Ball Plus ball serves to play Pokémon Let’s Go instead of Joy-Con, transforming the gaming experience into something more interactive by emulating the launch of Poké Balls. It has motion controls, emits lights and vibrations. For $40.95 .

10000mAh Battery Charger Case for Nintendo Switch

18W Faster USB-C Charging

PD 18W USB-C input, Support USB quick charge output. it not only quickly power your switch, but also can operates as a standard power bank to power up other smart devices. For $33.10

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